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Cinemas & Theatres
Housing Associations
House clearance
Estate agents
Pubs & Clubs
Hotels & BB
Conference FacilitiesCarpet Cleaning Services 2


Large area cleaning
Hygenic cleaning
Deep stain removal
Odour removal
Regular cleaning
Oil removal
Contaminants removal
Chewing gum removal
Water mark removal
Sticky sweet removal
Stain removal
Adhesive removalCarpet Cleaning Services 3

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Some of the areas we work in…Carpet Cleaning Services 5

Cinema Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Services UK provide a professional and reliable service that leaves our cinema carpets and upholstery smelling fresh!, we were surprised by how well the carpets looked, almost like new”

Cinema Carpet Cleaning

Regularly cleaning carpets and upholstery not only removes unwanted stains and odours, it goes a long way to extending the life of carpets and chairs, and presents staff with a fresh, clean and healthy environment in which to work. Carpet Services offer various cleaning options designed to re vitalise both carpets and upholstery which can possibly save thousands in replacement costs.

Cinema Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery and carpet cleaning services delivered by a team of experienced individuals, using the most advanced technology to achieve  stain free and hygienic environments. Around the clock, national coverage, flexible to meet the different challenges of both the commercial and domestic world.

Cinema Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Services have worked closely with Bentley Motors to main a high standard within their prestigious car showrooms, maintaining that ‘new’ look and feel. Bentleys constant demand for quality and perfection meant Carpet Services were challenged and succeeded in improving upon their already high standards of service.

Speak to our friendly carpet cleaning team today, get a quote…Carpet Cleaning Services 6

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